Bite Size Band Plan Cards for those with good vision...  
Bite Sized US Amateur Radio Band Plans:

Here are two Wallet sized chart cards containing the FCC allocated band privileges for amateur radio operators.
  They contain frequency edges, and designated frequency-based allocations set apart by "gentlemen's agreement".
   Other basic operator's license-classed base privileges are included as well. 
These cards include plans for HF (1.8-30 mHz), VHF (50-225 mHz), & UHF (420 mHz-1.3 gHz) - Also the amateur EHF bands.

Take with you anywhere!
  - Field Day, emergency deployments, mobile or just out having fun. Keep them in your wallet, purse or even the Altoids® mint tin that houses you QRP rig!
  Never be caught without knowing your frequency privileges again!

Provided is a .PDF (Adobe Acrobat) version you can download and print for yourself with your own laser or high-dpi inkjet printer.
   Simply go to your local Office Depot or copier store and have the card cut and encapsulated in thick-mil license card lamination for just a few bucks.

It comes with two cards for your wallet; one for the HF bands and one for VHF on one side and UHF+EHF on the back.
Full Gentleman's Agreement band plans and frequency operator class privilege listings for 160 meters to 23 centimeters and band listings up to 275 gHz.

Download the latest version in Adobe Acrobat® PDF format here: (440 kb)  Instructions are included.
If there are any font issues contact me via email to get an .EPS "vector" for Adobe Illustrator® based version with all fonts converted which is 2.5Mb.

This version is current with the FCC/ARRL release for March 05, 2012.  Version 3a updated May 14, 2012

If there are any typographical or numerical errors, or have have suggestions:
Contact Mike Maynard K4ICY at