Who is a Maker?

A Maker in the contemporary definition: is anyone that loves to tinker with things of a mechanical or electrical nature, generally by hand.
An inventors and artists are Makers...

The products made by a Maker can either be functional or aesthetic, or both. Ordinary items can be "re-invented". Necessity can bring about something new.
Artists can invent whole worlds, creating (pretend) objects of fantasy like costumes and ray-guns.

Amateur Radio operators are often considered Makers as an aspect of the hobby allows for constructing one's own equipment; such as antennas and radios.

Do you find yourself repairing your own household items, adding to them. Do you create things from scratch out of raw materials and left over junk to serve a new purpose.
Are you good with computers and electronics; creating masterpieces of robotics and light. Then you may consider yourself a Maker as well.

(Mike K4ICY)  I consider myself a "Maker" and one that has been inventing and tinkering with things since I was a young child.
Amateur Radio, for me, is an extension of this craft.

Please visit these sites to see the modern Maker in action:

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