The Design and Artwork of
  Michael A. Maynard   - K4ICY
A graphic designer by trade, my occupation has allowed me to create works for many notable clients.

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Captain Moroni and his fortification

Captain Moroni's Fortification    Ancient Mesoamerica, Book Of Mormon

Amateur Radio Train Car Cat Graffiti

Grain Car Graffiti - Train Writing by Ham Radio Cats  (Simulated in Photoshop)

N0RS Graffiti Hopper

Grain Car Graffiti Model - G-Scale 4-Bay Hopper Model Adaptation by Bob Simpson, N0RS 

Tee Design      Selected works for screen-printed apparel

Drive-In     Drive-In     Ron Jon Surf Shop

Watercolor Marlin     Salt Life     _art_SL_Watercolor_Marlin.jpg (140072 bytes)

_art_tiki-beach_shaggs.jpg (418503 bytes)     Tiki Beach     Shagg's Surf Shop

3-D Chrome Disc     Hard Rock Cafe     Chrome 3-D Disc

Costa Vintage    Vintage Sign    Costa Del Mar 

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art_bsc_08nor_tn.jpg (37383 bytes) art_bsc_09akn_tn.jpg (36132 bytes) art_bsc_09chi_tn.jpg (36288 bytes) art_bsc_09chr_tn.jpg (36823 bytes) art_bsc_09chrbk_tn.jpg (31364 bytes)
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BSC Chi-Town Classic 2011 art_bsc_11mlk_tn.jpg (29613 bytes) art_bsc_10ws_tn.jpg (34385 bytes) art_bsc_11ws_tn.jpg (36209 bytes) BSC UCME Chattanooga Classic 2011

Assorted Print Designs     Black Softball Circuit & Black American Softball Assc.

Sea Life - ConcertSea Life! (Concert)     Fudpucker's Beachside Bar & Grill

Fantasy Fest     For a strange Key West street celebration     Fantasy Fest

     Logos for Businesses and Organizations

_art_logo_tpd_badge.jpg (280930 bytes)Tallahassee Police Department Vehicle Badge

One of my pride and joys:

This emblem of our local heroes and watchful stewards
adorns the sides of over 350 patrol vehicles
in the Tallahassee area.

It took two weeks to complete and was made
into a vehicle decal.  
The current rendition on new
department graphics has the badge
six inches tall
and in black on a silver reflective back.

TPD Patrol Vehicle Graphics

Fonts         I design True-Type fonts!

One of the more popular examples is: "Kelvinized"
Based liberally off the vintage Nash/Kelvinator logo.


I am amazed by where this font pops up and by who chooses to use it -
from small businesses needing signage to prestigious advertising firms.  Kelvinized has propagated across the web, being offered by numerous "free font" sites and has even been included in font bundles for different platforms including a company that manufactures a line of plasma metal cutters!.  It seems that my little experiment of giving the milk for free has yielded great results.

My inspiration for Kelvinized began in the early 1990's upon noticing the name logo on an old air conditioner (our only source of relief in a sweltering-hot Florida mobile home.)  A decade later I endeavored to create a font loosely inspired by the logo, even developing a metrics system and set of rules to govern every aspect of this deceptively simple type-face; from stroke proportions to the slants on certain stems.  My only limitation was the type of spline algorithm used by CorelDRAW.

This is HUGE!!! :::

I found myself re-discovering classic arcade games in the wake of my divorce, and spent the last year or so building (and enjoying) a MAME collection.  I plan on constructing a custom cabinet for anyone visiting to enjoy some play time.  I dreamed of owning my own games when I was a kid and since my late father was a TV repairman, he knew a bit about working on them.  I've been watching a YouTube show called John's Arcade, where a fellow (named John, of course) shares his experiences collecting and restoring old video games, and he even takes road trips to visit arcades throughout the world.  On one such trip he took an all-access tour of the Stern Pinball company with George Gomez in IL, in the Chicago area.   Stern employs hundreds in a massive and new 110,000 sq ft facility.  Now I didn't catch it the first time, but I did later on an episode where he visits a friend for an "unboxing" of  an "AC-DC" game... My font was used in the Stern logo!
I mean, it WAS the logo.  What an awesome piece of serendipity to catch that - though I found their new logo five years later.
In 2010, Stern enlisted the marketing company, Core 12 in Chicago (who has done work for giants such as Nike and Mercedes,) to re-invent their online presence as well as their corporate identity, a new and eye-catching logo was in order. 

Stern Pinball logo.
Stern declares to be the only and oldest pinball manufacturer in the world today, though if you would like to own your own 'pin', expect to pay $5,000 to $15,000 through one of many distributors with quite a wait for final delivery.
Visit them at: or

Kelvinized in Stern logo on pin DMD

Check out John's Arcade at:

Kelvinized in Stern logo on packing box

The "S" with it's bulbous top was my least favorite letter because it looked too whimsical, but my design metric insisted upon it - it actually works in the Stern logo, and the font is a perfect choice because it says "retro" as well as emphasizing the pinball "ball" aspect.
Kelvinized is FREE by the way, and it was on purpose... if only I could have charged $1 per download, I would have a decent house by now and two dozen arcade cabs and pins in my basement. :-/  But still, I'm still stoked to see my creation put to good use.

This next one really surprised me! :::

The Breitling Jet Team - The largest civilian flight demonstration team in the EU, sponsored by the Breitling watch company updated the look of their Aero L-39 Albatros jet and their logo/insignia.  And whilst in the midst of trying to identify a good font candidate to re-create "Jet Team,"  I realized it was my font "Kelvinized.ttf!"

I was commissioned to design a set of tee-designs for an air-show vendor.  After a week or two, I nearly gave up trying to identify the lower font (I know,)  familiarity often breeds dumbfoundness...  Needless to say, I was absolutely beside myself that my font adorns nine super-expensive, super-sleek jet plans doing breathtaking acrobatics to crowds of thousands of fans at least 50 times a year.

Breitling Jet Team logo using Kelvinized

Kelvinized soars through the skies
Here are some samples of this font's applied use:

_art_schoor_sax_model_front_tn.jpg (41793 bytes)    _art_schoor_sax_model_back_tn.jpg (38459 bytes)

by Man vs. George Design, LLC logo


Relion Roofing and Residential

Relion Roofing & Residential

The Baseballs - Hot n Cold

The Baseballs - Hot n Cold (Album Cover)
Retro Hockey Game (.com)


Vendor Plaza Architectural Concept

Shelfer Rd. Plaza     Architectural concept for business rental space.
Produced with 3-point perspective by vector in CorelDRAW! Well before I started using 3-D cad applications.

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