Industrial Design 3D CAD Modeling & Rendering Work by  Michael A. Maynard   - K4ICY
I'm a graphic designer by trade, but I aspire to add that extra dimension to my life - to be an industrial designer.

Here, you will find mostly concept and work-in-progress examples.
Most of my efforts have been in creating tutorials for the easy-to-use solid-modeling program: Moment of Inspiration (Moi3D).
Please visit my Tutorials page for links to step-by-step instructions and comments found at Moi3D's site:

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3D Concept Watch

The BeeBox

The BeeBox - Modular Concept Stereo System

Forum Discussion  /  Orange  /  Charcoal


SDRpi - Raspberry Pi controlled Software Defined Radio

The Black Friday List

The Black Friday List - Desk Objects

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

J-36 Bug

The "Bug" - Adjustment of the J-36 Semi-Automatic Morse Key

Sneak Peak WIP

Automobile Styling WIP

City Within - Created in Moment of Inspiration 3-D

On this page you'll find renderings from my journey through the world of 3-D CAD design.
The programs I've been training in includes: SketchUp, Autodesk 3DS MaxMoment of Inspiration (Moi3D), Rhinocerous, Blender and others, working with both NURBS and poly-based formats.

I will consider training in parametric industrial design applications such as SolidWorks and Catia with a direction towards the broad field of industrial design.
My artistic inclination and graphic design and architectural drafting training makes me well suited for interior design scene setups as well.  Final rendering was done with Thea Render, Kerkythea, V-Ray and with minor Adobe PhotoShop post-production.

Most of the images you see on this page are examples of models that were masterfully created
using the simple to use - but powerful - tools offered in Moment of Inspiration!

MoI 3D
Moi3D is a CAD application that uses NURBS technology which allow you to work with smooth surfaces and beautiful curves rather than jagged, unsightly and inaccurate polygons.  Design anything from architecture to automobiles!  Though, not intended to be a corporation-class CAD application, Moi3D is best suited for the "idea" and conceptualization part of the design process.  A program where artists and designers can freely use the program on any device from laptops to tablet when inspiration strikes - and without the constraints of overloaded UI's and cumbersome command panels.

If you would like to try Moi3D for yourself, download the fully functional 30-day Trial edition.

A "forever" no-save version is also available to allow you ample time to learn modeling techniques while you consider a license purchase.  A license can be yours for $295. Students can get the same exact product for only $99!

Click Here!

Moi3D is only 16 megs (install file) and can be used portably and on nearly any computer with a license!

Sports Ring
Rendered Gem Stone DetailSports Ring - Angle View
Ring FinalRing Mould

Sports Rings for Softball Champions
Modeled in Moi3D and rendered in Kerkythea.
Produced in quantity by a ring manufacturer
Top photo & Middle Right (rendered previews) / Middle Left (rendered light study, close-in view)
Lower Left (product) / Lower Right (mould)

Titanium cast plated in platinum. Gemstone settings & placements.

My First Projects:

waffle_iron_render_08.jpg (361268 bytes)

Waffle Iron   Kitchen Scene Render

View of temp dial   View of switch detail

MoI UI Views   View of dimple plate

1930's Electrahot Mfg. Brand Waffle Iron
Modeled in Moi3D
Rendered in Kerkythea and VRay from SketchUp

Speaker with Mesh Grill

Audio Speaker with Complex Mesh Grill
Modeled in Moi3D
Rendered in Kerkythea Boost

Bathroom Sink

Render of sink concept

Bathroom Design: Sink with Pump-Lever Style Handles
Modeled in Moi3D

Assembly 01Final 02
MoI 3D DesignBasin Design

Toilet rendered in scene

Bathroom Design: Deluxe Toilet and Handle Assembly
Modeled in Moi3D   (See Forum Post)


Gas Powered Electric Generator (WIP)
Modeled in SketchUp
Rendered in VRay

Hauler (Above View Dark)

Universal Application 2-Wheel Hauling Trailer (WIP)
Modeled in Sketchup
Rendered in VRay

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