Artwork Created in Verve Painter by
Michael A. Maynard   - K4ICY

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Verve is an experimental fluid-dynamics-based painting program by Taron
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The Verve application is a stand alone .exe file that is under continual Beta improvement by its programmer, Taron.
It is free for download and the main system requirement is a PC with a more modern video card capable of OpenGL 2.0.
A stylus pen/tablet (Wacom) facilitates an optimal painting experience adding pressure and angle input, but is not required.
Experience a real (but virtual) digital painting experience NOW!


Check out some of my works created with this FREE virtual painting program below:


RIP SK W1FJI    Just  Get Out There!

Radio Garden (The Ham's Dacha)
Radio Garden (The Ham's Dacha)

Electronic Cheer    Electronic Cheer

Good Morning Radio     Good Morning Radio

Cosmos-A-Light    Cosmos-A-Light

Gumball Fall     Gumball Fall

Transylvanian Traffic    Transylvanian Traffic

Steampunks On The Air     Steampunks On The Air

For The Wild Life    For the Wild Life

(The Daring) Damsel in DX / Mobile     Damsel in DX (Slash Mobile)

Solitude!?!    Solitude!?!

Lydia's Paradise     Lydia's Paradise

Digital Respite - Mountaintop PSK    Digital Respite

Back to the Mag-Lab!     Back to the Mag-Lab!

Fox Hunting    Fox Hunting

Christmas Memory     Christmas Memory

Maple Edge    Maple Edge

Thankfulness     Thankfulness

The Sultry Voice    The Sultry Voice
Soft ServeSoft Serve

The Joys of Field Day    The Joys of Field Day

Cola on the Beach     Cola on the Beach

K4ICY - Radio & Design    Mmmmm...

Vantage Point     Vantage Point - Amateur Radio and the ISS

It's a People Hobby    It's a People Hobby

Adventures At Sea (and In Time)     Adventures at Sea and Time

Caught In The Act    Caught In The Act

Ralphie Rooster's Midnight Snack     Chicken Canibalism

Pathology    Pathology

Scare-'em Scarab      Insect Egyptologist

Ocean Wave 2    Ocean Wave

Gloomy Dream     Gloomy Dream

Sailfish    Sailfish

Fire and Ice     Fire and Ice

Rusty Discarded    Rusty, Discarded, Old

Desert Scape     Desert Scape

Rooftop     Rooftop

110 Porro Street     110 Porro St.

The Misadventures of Mr. Yuk   Mr. Yuk

Goldfish      Goldfish

Chattanooga  Chattanooga

The First Vision      The First Vision - Joseph Smith's First Visitation

Please Visit my Verve Forum Thread for constant updates!

More to come!



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