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   Resume of Michael A. Maynard

    Age 48, USA, Graphic Designer, Industrial Designer, Electronics

    Contact: MikeK4ICY@gmail.com
    Residence: Lynn Haven, FL (Panama City, FL area)

   Work Experience:

      1991-1994 - National Research and Technology (Electronics Contract Manufacturing)   Tallahassee / Havana, Florida
                      Inventory, Shipping, Receiving, Test Department and etc.
      1994-1998 - Team Spirit Graphics, Screen Printed and Embroidered Apparel    Tallahassee, Florida
                      Art director over six-artist staff
                      • Retail work for 48 colleges - CLC approved
                      • Retail lines for major department stores
                      • Fraternity and sorority event apparel
                      • Local/regional corporate identity, logotype design, advertising

      1999 - SignPrinters, Large Format Digital Printing    Tallahassee, Florida
                      Graphic designer
                      • Large format digital printing
                      • Large format lamination, trade show graphics
                      • Vinyl application for automotive and signage

      1999-2001 - Full Press Apparel, Screen Printing    Tallahassee, Florida
                      One of two staff artists
                      • Retail and Custom clientele
                      • Retail lines for major department stores
                      • Fraternity and sorority event apparel
                      • Local/regional corporate identity, logotype design, advertising

      2001-Present - Classic Shirts, Inc.    Tallahassee / Quincy, Florida
                      Sole staff artist, final producer for works of additional contract artists.
                      • Retail pre-print design for many major corporations including but not limited to:
                       (Please note: My work and talent has been instrumental, both directly and indrectly in earning
                       multiple millions of dollars in accumulated profit for all companies involved.)
                           Ron Jon Surf Shop
                           Costa Del Mar, Huk and Nomad - sunglasses and apparel (owned by Luxottica)
                           Universal Studios, Hard Rock Cafe, Coca-Cola (storefronts) (through Entertainment Outfitters, Inc.)
                           Planet Hollywood
                           W.B. Mason - (Classic Shirts, Inc. serving as main custom imprinting supplier)


       • Developed fonts used for corporate identity and organizations world-wide.
       • Editor (in chief) for The Printed Circuit, Newsletter of the Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society, 2012-2017
             Artwork, Layout and contributing writer: http://k4tlh.net/tars-newsletter/

   Skill Set:

      Graphics Software Proficiency:
                      • CorelDRAW!
                      • Adobe Photoshop
                      • Google SketchUp
                      • McNeel Rhinoceros
                      • Moment of Inspiration
                      • Thea Render
                      • Verve Painter (Fluid Dynamics)
                      • Made with Michief
                      • Adobe Illustrator
                      • Autodesk 3DS Max, VRay Rendering System

      Electronics / Mechanical:
                      • Basic-Intermediate (non-engineering level) understanding of electronics;
                           Can design circuits, read schematics and circuit trace - digital and RF analog. Lifelong experience.
                      • Arduino (and associated AVR) microcontroller devices
                      • Amateur Radio Extra Class License
                      • Basic woodworking and metalworking, prototyping, product design

      Leadership Experience:
                      • Amateur Radio Emergency Service
                           Assistant Emergency Coordinator (Operations) of Leon County, Florida.
                      • Vice President - Tallahassee Amateur Radio Society 2011-2013
                      • Cub Scout Leader (BSA)
                      • Sunday School Leadership - Local Congregation (Presidency) / Teacher
                      • Art Director

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